Ocala Drug Crimes Lawyer

Ocala Drug Crimes Lawyer

Whether you have been arrested for possession or distribution of drugs, you need to consider all your legal options. In Florida, most drug crimes carry severe penalties. For that reason, you want to consult an experienced lawyer like Robert Zlatkin. Without proper legal help, you could face years in prison and substantial fines.

Drug Charge Types in Florida

These drug crimes are no simple matter. In this state, you can be either charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Some of the most common drug crimes include:

  • Trafficking
  • Manufacturing
  • Possession
  • Selling 
  • Obtaining an illegal prescription


Depending on the amount and other circumstances, you could face some enhanced penalties, including a life sentence in prison. Along with a conviction, you will have a criminal record that could affect your housing and job opportunities, including adding complications to your children’s custody. 

What Is a Drug Crime?

There are several types of drug crimes in the state. Florida defines some prohibited acts including that “an individual may not sell, manufacture, deliver, or possess with intent to sell, manufacture, or deliver a controlled substance.” Any violation of this statute carries a second- or third-degree felony charge. The type of substance often determines the punishment. For example, cocaine possession is punished much more harshly than marijuana. 

Drug Schedules

Like Federal drug laws, Florida follows the same suit by classifying drugs into specific categories. These drug schedules are as follows:

  • Schedule I: These drugs carry the harshest penalties, and they often have no medical use. Heroin, LSD, and ecstasy are some of the drugs in this classification.
  • Schedule II: Drugs like oxycodone and cocaine have some medical uses, but they can only be used under professional medical guidance. 
  • Schedule III: Vicodin, anabolic steroids, codeine, and ketamine have legitimate medical uses, but there is a slight risk of dependency. 
  • Schedule IV: Xanax and valium can be abused, but they typically have a slight risk of dependence. Most illegal prescription crimes will involve these types of drugs.
  • Schedule V: Lyrica and Robitussin do contain some trace amounts of narcotics. 


With any drug offense, you could be charged with a felony. Imprisonment can range from five years to life in prison. Along with that, you will have a permanent criminal record and face restricted opportunities. 

Ocala Drug Trafficking Charges

Florida defines drug trafficking as the “cultivating, manufacturing, distributing, and selling” of controlled substances. These offenses carry some of the most severe penalties, including three years in jail and a $25,000 fine. Depending on the type of drug, there are even mandatory sentences.

Some of the most commonly trafficked drugs include:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • PCP
  • Methamphetamine

Selling Drugs in Ocala

Only licensed medical practitioners and other approved professionals can legally sell prescription drugs in the state of Florida. The distribution of these substances must be controlled by a medical professional. Anyone who violates this law can be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. 

Drug Possession Charges

Even possession of drugs in the state carries some strict penalties. In Florida, Title XXXIII, Chapter 499.03 (1) states that an individual may not “possess any drugs that are toxic, harmful, toxic, new, or potentially habit-forming.” Some drugs, like cocaine possession, can be charged as a third-degree felony. 


There are two types of possession classifications in the state: actual and constructive. Actual possession occurs when drugs are found on your body or in an item that is in your control, such as a pocket or purse.


Constructive possession involves drugs not found on you but discovered in another location associated with you, like a house or car. Many defense lawyers will question the validity of the stop and subsequent arrest of these possession charges.

Penalties for Drug Crimes

Penalties in the state for drug crimes can cover a variety of sentences. Selling or possessing drugs will lead to a second-degree misdemeanor, a prison term, and a $5,000 fine. Trafficking crimes can lead to life sentences, and there is a chance the individual could face federal drug crime penalties, especially if the offense occurs over state lines. 


Various factors can affect the drug charges and sentences for those who are convicted. If you have been accused or charged with a drug offense, it is important to speak to a skilled criminal defense attorney. 


Drug laws can be complicated in Florida. This is not the time to risk your freedom, livelihood, and future. You need to consult with an Ocala criminal defense attorney who can advise you about the right course of action to take with your case. 

Speak With a Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

A drug crimes offense in Florida is a serious matter. For those convicted in the state, they will experience some of the strictest punishments in the country. Along with a criminal record, these individuals could spend a significant amount of time in prison and face high monetary fines. 


Robert Zlatkin has represented many clients facing these charges. While he represents you in court, Robert will protect your legal rights and establish a defense that could reduce or dismiss these charges. 


You will need to discuss the circumstances surrounding your specific case. Robert Zlatkin works hard to provide you with a skilled and experienced defense to combat these charges. If you are facing a drug crime charge in the state, make sure to consult with Robert. Don’t risk your future! Call his Ocala office to schedule a legal consultation for your situation.

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