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In the state of Florida, driving under the influence of perception altering substances like alcohol or narcotics, also known as DUI is a very serious offense and carries grave consequences including jail time, thousands of dollars in fines and the revocation of driving privileges.

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How Does Someone Get Charged with a DUI in Ocala?

Every DUI case begins with a traffic stop or DUI checkpoint stop. During a traffic stop, it is likely that the officer has been watching and recording the driving behavior of a motorist suspected of drunk driving. After pulling the driver over, or directing them to the side of the roadway, the officer begins to assess the state of the driver, taking note of any sign of intoxicated behavior like slurred words, or a strong smell of alcohol on the breath when questioned.


At the officer’s discretion, a roadside sobriety test may be administered and a breathalyzer test requested. If the driver’s blood alcohol content or BAC is higher 0.08% that driver will be arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. It should be noted the officer’s judgment of the state of the motorist takes precedence over the reading on the breathalyzer. Someone may have a reading below the legal limit and still be arrested if the officer feels they are impaired.

A First DUI Offense in Ocala, FL

Even a first-time offender convicted of a DUI charge in the state of Florida faces a wide range of possible penalties, including but not limited to:

  •         Up to 9 months in prison
  •         Fines of as much as $1000
  •         Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) at the cost of the driver
  •         Impounding of the vehicle
  •         Loss of driving privileges for as much as a year
  •         Increased insurance rates


Subsequent DUI penalties will increase in severity. A 2nd DUI charge within five years of the first will result in:

  •         A mandatory minimum of 10 days in county jail
  •         Loss of driving privileges for as much as five years
  • Fines totaling as much as $2000

Defending Against an Ocala DUI Charge

Being arrested on a DUI does not equal an automatic conviction. There are a number of factors a knowledgeable defense lawyer like Robert Zlatkin can exploit to show the arrest was unlawful. By questioning the veracity of any sobriety tests issued, and on notoriously unreliable Breathalyzer readings, he can call into question the integrity of the evidence against the defendant, leading to a favorable outcome in court.

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If you have been charged with a DUI offense in Ocala, FL, you must retain legal counsel without delay. The integrity of the evidence, and restoration of driving privileges in a state where a car is essential to day-to-day life demands immediate action to defend against the charges. Robert Zlatkin’s years of real time courtroom experience as a lawyer and as a prosecutor means he understands Florida DUI laws in minute detail, and will use that knowledge and experience to protect the rights of his client.


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