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If you have been accused of robbery in Ocala, you need a professional criminal defense lawyer on your side. A conviction of this crime can mean prison time or a hefty fine for you. Along with that, you could have a criminal record that will haunt you for the rest of your life. For all these reasons, you need to seek effective legal counsel to handle your case.

Distinction Between Robbery and Theft

Robbery and theft are two terms that are used interchangeably. Under Florida Statute 812.13, the state defines robbery as the “act of taking something away from a victim with the use of force.” Theft is more non-violent but still involves the taking away of another person’s property. 


Burglary is another crime that is often confused with robbery. An individual committing robbery uses physical force to deprive someone of their personal property, while burglary occurs when the person illegally enters a vehicle, structure, or building without permission and intends to steal property. 

Robbery and Armed Robbery Definitions

As previously mentioned, Florida considers robbery as:

  • Using force, assault, violence, or fear against the victim
  • Having the intent to temporarily or permanently deprive an individual of money or property
  • Physically obtaining possession of the person’s property without permission


If the offender is armed, there are harsh consequences and stiffer penalties for a conviction. When a deadly weapon is used, there is an implied use of force against the victim. If an individual has been convicted of armed robbery, they could face harsh penalties such as:

  • A life prison sentence
  • A fine of $10,000


For those offenders with prior felonies, the state could seek an enhanced sentence. When the individual uses a firearm, there are mandatory minimum sentences for robbery, including:

  • A minimum 10-year mandatory sentence if the firearm was used in the commission of the felony. 
  • If the gun is fired, but no one was injured, there is a 20-year minimum sentence.
  • If someone was injured but not killed, it is a 30 year to life minimum mandatory sentence.

Ocala Robbery Charges

In the state, robbery can either be determined:

  • By force: The individual must have used some type of physical violence against the victim. While purse snatching is often considered a theft, it could be considered a robbery if the victim experienced any physical harm when physical force was used to commit the offense. 
  • With a deadly weapon: When a deadly weapon, such as a handgun, knife, or another weapon, is used in the commission of the crime, the state of Florida seeks strict penalties. For example, if an armed robber enters a bank and threatens another person, it is defined as armed robbery. Out of all the robbery offenses, this crime carries the harshest penalties. 


Along with robbery by force and with a deadly weapon, there are other robbery offenses in Florida, such as home invasion and carjacking. While home invasion is similar to burglary, it has an added “use of force” element to the crime. Anyone convicted of this crime could face life in prison. 


Anyone who perpetrates theft of a vehicle by using threats,  force, or violence could be guilty of carjacking. When the offender does not use a deadly weapon, it is considered a first-degree felony. If a deadly weapon was present, a conviction carries a life sentence.

Robbery Penalties in Ocala

In any robbery charge without a deadly weapon, it is considered a felony with a punishment of:

  • 15-year prison sentence
  • A $10,000 fine


However, many aggravating factors can assure harsh penalties for the convicted. In some cases, a firearm dramatically increases the penalties for these crimes. 


Along with enhanced penalties, you must be aware of the “10-20-Life.” In some circumstances, the judge will impose harsh sentences for any crimes that involve a deadly weapon or firearm. These minimum sentences often involve a 10-year, 20-year, or 25-to-life sentence for these crimes. 


Whether a firearm was used or not, all robbery offenses are considered felonies, with substantial fines and long prison terms. In some crimes, the value of the property is taken into consideration, but any robbery conviction will carry at least a one-year prison sentence. 

Florida Robbery Convictions

State prosecutors often push for the strictest punishments for these offenses. They must prove that the defendant:

  • Threatened or used force against the victim
  • Took property or money without the owner’s consent
  • The property had value
  • The offender had intent to commit a crime

Ocala Robbery Defenses

Since the penalties for a robbery conviction are harsh, you want to have a criminal defense lawyer on your case. There are a few defenses against a robbery charge. Some of these defenses might lead to a dismissed or reduced charge, including:

  • The defendant believed he or she owned the property. 
  • Witnesses misidentified the defendant.
  • The case cannot be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.


When you have been charged with robbery or armed robbery, you need to find a skilled attorney to help with your defense. With any crime, there are specific circumstances related to your case. No matter the offense, an Ocala robbery lawyer will be able to help you find suitable legal options for your charge.

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