Robert Zlatkin did an excellent job representing my son. We have never had any issues with the law so I didn’t know what to do or what to expect. He kept us informed and everything was handled quickly, efficiently and professionally. Thank you!


I caught a gun charge and didn’t know what I was going to do I thought it was over for me and the offense would change my life i hired Rob and he told me he would do the best he could do and I kept faith but at the worse I was expecting probation or some jail time , A couple months later Rob calls me and let’s me know all charges against me have been dropped I was so happy I almost cried , I thank God for Rob


Robert Zlatkin Is a really compassionate and dedicated Lawyer. Robet handled my case professionally and kept me calm and assured me of the outcome. Thank You Robert

Angel Cruz

Robert Zlatkin…. I was facing a possible prison sentence of up to 5 years 5000$ fine and possible forfeiture of my vehicle as well as becoming a convicted felon… From the beginning he listened to all of my questions and gave me exceptional advice and answers. He was very personable to the extent of meeting up with me to do his own investigation as to where the alleged crime happened and even have me his personal phone #. He came up with various and amazing defenses to the crimes alleged. I was quite the pain in the neck for him because I worry too much but he understood and made good things happen. He was more than happy to take my case to trial however I didn’t want to risk it and he made sure that everything was going to be in my own opinion more than acceptable and it is. Now that everything is said and done I received no jail time, I received no fines other than standard court costs because of my unwillingness to go to trial. 1year probation and he got the state to drop felony charges to a single misdemeanor.

I cannot thank him enough for all of his effort, his willingness to talk to me when I needed it, his amazing representation and everything else. He was aggressive when getting my case heard at the time OT was supposed to be heard. I again…. cannot thank him enough. Amazing person and attorney. Thank you so much Mr. Zlatkin. I would never ever ever hesitate to call him again in the event of an unfortunate mishap. Again… thank you so much you saved me, my rights and all at an amazing cost. Thank you Robert Zlatkin.

John Carter

Me personally As a man of color that had to go thru this was very stressful, I had two felonies charges that automatically make me a deportable immigrant attorney Robert was very helpful and professional I give thanks to God first and attorney Robert for being a life saver for me throughout this journey, my two felony charges got dropped, thanks again attorney Robert your professionalism, confidence and affordable price is unbeatable. I highly recommend Attorney Robert Zlatkin

Jean C